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Flowcontrol is the number one digital custom-made grant portal. Flowcontrol enables grant providers to manage their grants.

Integrate all aspects of your grant programmes into a single system. Get continuous insight into the applications submitted, the grants you award and the administration uploaded by grant recipients. We always build these applications according to your wishes. Our tailor-made solutions are fully customisable to your organisation’s user requirements.


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Flowcontrol enables you to inform your target group at any stage during the grant process. Just indicate the launch date of your grant scheme, the requirements for applications and the documents to be submitted in digital form by the applicants. Indicate the stage the application is in, such as when it has been received, whether evaluation has been completed and whether the application has been granted. You can then add the records of subsidised projects to the portal fully automatically, so that you are always up-to-date on the progress of your projects. This way, you’ll always know your grants are well spent.

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